Hi, I am Anna Kruse.

So a little bit about me! I am a momma to two beautiful children that keep me on my toes and and married to an amazing man. I am not originally from the PNW but was born and raised in El Paso, Texas! I believe strongly that you can take a girl out of Texas but you can’t take Texas out of her. I moved here after my husband got out of the Marines. I am a God loving, God fearing woman and my faith has molded me and continues to mold me to the woman I strive to be. I worked in Mental Health prior to photography in Cowlitz County and Clark County.

My love for photography began with my children and with support of my husband and family it began to grow outside of just my children and family. I am always striving to grow and learn and up to many ideas!

I love lifestyle and I love the outdoors. Rain or Shine! You will not find me indoors or in a studio and you will not find me with set ups… just not me. I am also bilingual and very much in touch with the Mexican culture (first gen. in the U.S.) Feel free to ask me anything during our session, I strive to be an open book!