This is where your session planning focuses around, where your session will take place. Its very exciting process to be honest, especially here in the PNW. There are so many beautiful places to take photos at. We have so many beautiful parks where in a good day you can get Mount St. Helens in the background, waterfalls, creeks, fields with tall grass... you name it, the PNW has it.

How do you go about choosing a location for your session?

The process can be simple or complicated, either way. One of the disadvantages of living in the PNW is rain. Rain can stress out anyone, like who wants to get wet? Family with littles? Forget about it! Unfortunately, it rains about 8 months out of the year. Depending on the time of year, we can only hope for the best. I do have to say that we have about 80% of chance having a break of the rain during the day , therefore I always plan for those dry hour(s). Now the cold? Lets face it, it can get pretty cold at certain locations. I have families that do brave it and make it look like a sunny and 75 kind of day, when reality its absolutely cold and windy!

Safety First!

With beautiful views comes with many surprises. As beautiful the PNW can be we can be surprises from little small creatures like mosquitos, or even a coyote in the woods. Sessions at the beach can be extremely fun but I do want to remind families to always be vigilant of their children and advise if you need help from another family member to ensure safety, that will never be frown upon! Always feel comfortable to let your photographer any concerns you may have.

Locations majority of the time are never a 10 min drive, especially those with views, I advise clients to always leave at a good time where you are not feeling rushed or the need to speed to your session.

In continuation to choosing a location ...

Typically its often asked to clients their preference for location or what they expect of their session, majority of the time that helps a photographer know the direction the client wants for their session. For example, a mom may want a view or they would enjoy a calm field for their session to be captivated at.

I generally love locations that provides a little bit of exploring for families, expecially families with small children. I love locations where there is a lot to do, even more so locations with water to throw rocks at, or even rocks to climb on. My goal for my sessions is to be easy for my families and interactions to be as organic as possible. I strive for my families to leave having a good time and tired from having fun rather than tired of taking photos. Therefore, where sessions take place is extremely vital to the mood of a session

So lets have some fun under the sun or the cloudy sky! Rain, cold or shine.. allow yourself to be part of an adventure!