Why do I need family Photos?

You don't! WOW, you did not expect that answer, right?! Because in reality you don't need family photos. The same way you don't need to drive a Porsche or have a Louis Vuitton purse. You do not need to hire a photographer to take your images. Photography is not a necessity, but a want. We decide to get our family photos taken the same way we choose to buy the latest and newest phone model.

Here's the thing, everyone love photos, but in case you are shaking your head and saying "No," please take a look at your phone and check the amount of pictures you have in your album. A lot right? We have a natural tendency to want to remember events, even things like your dog licking its nose. We love to capture memories and be able to look back on them to laugh or even cry. Pictures come in ALL sorts of ways, shapes, and forms!

Now, you may be scratching your head as to why this photographer is telling you that you don't need her. Is she trying to never work? Has she gone wonky?! Of course not, silly! I don't want you to need me, I want you to CHOOSE me. Yes, you can take a million photos with your phone and then print them at Wal-Mart for less than $5. But in reality, you and I (yes, I am guilty of it) have never really taken the time to do this and have lost photos and videos of our loved ones, after not taking the time to save our photos before we lost, broke, or got a new phone.

Guess what–the more time and money we spend on something, the better we take care of it and the more we tend to value it. For example, I bet you will park that Porsche at the end of a parking lot where no one parks because you don't want anyone to scratch it. We tend to take better care of things which have required our care and effort. Having professional photos taken is quite a process, which includes looking for a photographer, paying your session, finding outfits, and convincing your husband to give more than a forceful smile! After all that effort, do you honestly think you are going to lose those darn photos?! HECK NO! You are going to anxiously wait to get them back, order prints and then plaster your husband having a good time all over your house! To reiterate, the more effort we put into something, to more we will value and care for it.

Let me share something very personal. I have one photo of me as a baby. Sadly, pictures where not really a big thing in my family.

I will share the image below. I was about a year old here with my dad.

This photo means everything to me because it is the only one I have of my dad and myself as a baby. Just this past March, I lost my daddy, and it has been one of the most difficult things that I have ever gone through in life. The times I visited home, I captured him so much as well as all these sweet little details.

..I am grateful that i did...

You see, when we are gone, we leave only memories and other physical reminders behind–such as pictures. Photos are a reminder that even though we are no longer here, we really existed in this world.

You can feel countless emotions through an image, and my goal is to give you just that.

With this said, I hope you will choose to say yes to having your family captured, and choose to have these moments in time frozen in an image.