....You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast....

I bet you recognize the lyrics and if you haven't, "You're Gonna Miss This, by Trace Adkins. These kind of songs among others strike a cord for me , even so more as a mother. I have to agree with Trace, I miss so much even myself growing. I remember the mornings my dad would take me to school and how embarrassed I was to give him a kiss on the cheek when I got out of the car ( my dad dropped me off right in front of the school) and I survived but today at 30, I wish I could go back to those mornings where I could give my dad a kiss on his cheek.

Fast forward to 26, the birth of my first daughter- at two days old, I remember we had Darious Rucker song" It won't be like this for long" on replay and although I was filled with exhaustion of being a new parent, I'd wonder just how much I was going to miss those times... I do...

...I miss everything about it...

Having a little is extremely hard, I have a 2 yr old rambunctious boy and a 4 year old ready to seize the world. I forget what its like to sit down and enjoy a meal, or even a nice 10 min shower. I know lots of mommas understand and feel this way as well. Life feels so rushed and chaotic, we find ourselves saying " When they get a little bit older I will..." or "they will..." and as fast as a blink of an eye, our little becomes a 1 yr old or 4 and you just can't wrap your mind how time can move so slow and so fast at the same time.

So, what is this really about?

I wanted to tell you that although we cannot keep our littles, little forever, there is something that you can do and that is capturing them. Thats the beauty of photographs-being able to freeze a moment in time and be able to go back and admire those sweet little faces. I am not talking about a photo of them smiling, I mean capturing those messy faces, those smiles with crooked, chipped teeth because they bonked their mouth perfectly on the dinning table.

I try to stress families with littles that I am there to capture, I am there to document your little one simply being little. The last thing I want parents is to stress about their child looking at the camera and giving me a perfect smile. I am not there for perfection, I am there to captivate your family and everything that comes with, even when they are crying ( those are the best photos in my opinion) Childhood passes by so quickly, and its true what Trace Adkins sings,

"You're gonna miss this

You're gonna want this back

You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast

These are some good times

So take a good look around

You may not know it now

But you're gonna miss this"

Don't get caught up in the perfect moments...Don't get caught up in the perfect poses or in the perfect smiles, don't let that get in the way of documenting your children. . The perfect moments are exactly what your little is, and that is simply being a kid. Let's capture, freeze a little bit of their childhood in a picture. I promise you that there, they will be young forever.