"Life. like fleeting moments on a screen,

A Tapestry of memories, constantly seen,

Each frame is a snapshot of time's swift fight,

Reminding us to cherish every day and night.

Just like the scenes that flicker and fade,

Life moves swiftly, a journey to be made,

The highs and lows, the joy and sorrow,

We must embrace them all today

and tomorrow

Sometimes, it feels like a movie on rewind,

The moments are replaying, etched in our minds.

But we must remember life is not a show,

It's a precious gift meant to cherish and grow.

In this fast-paced world, where time slips away,

We must savor each moment, come what may.

For on this screen, our stories will unfold,

Leaving an imprint, a legacy.

So let's make every moment count and shine

Creating memories that will forever intertwine.

For life, like fleeting moments on a screen,

It is a precious gift, a masterpiece unseen. "